Pre-Litigation Processes For Increased Profitability


Medical practitioners are sharp and speedy when it comes to the needs of patients. Our revenue recovery team keeps up with your professionalism by meticulously running through your records with insurance carriers and efficiently maximizing your revenue.


Medical practitioners work around the clock to ensure patients are always well cared for. In return, we take care of you. Come to us during the pre-litigation phase. Trust our team to look after your best interests and increase your profitability. We are a licensed commercial collections agency and are bonded in the state of Florida.

Revenue Recovery

Work with us today and experience quick and effective revenue recovery. We take the time to find ways to spot inconsistencies in your payouts, allowing you to get the most out of the insurance carriers you work with. Let us work with you now.


The district court of appeals just ruled that MRI and X-Ray centers be reimbursed at the 2007 limiting charge.
PIP Auto Insurance carriers have paid incorrectly according to the 2007 participating fee schedule.
This means a 9.5% reimbursement rate for every code billed. All cases within the past five years can be processed with interest.

How do we do this exactly?

Our team throughly reviews all PIP files your office has handled within the last five calendar years to find all inconsistencies in PIP payments from medical insurance companies.

With your help, recovering revenue through insurance collections can and will be maximized. Schedule a consultation with us today!



We review your payouts over the last five years and check for any inconsistencies with the insurance agency you work with.

Request payout

We send out demand letters to the insurance carrier to request payment of unpaid, overdue, and/or underpaid medical treatment services.


Just focus on your practice and we’ll take care of your insurance collections. In the event you need litigation, our relationships with local law firms ensures you’ll collect on the money owed.