We are one of the few companies that work with you throughout the pre-litigation process to maximize the PIP payouts you receive.

Medical practitioners don’t realize the PIP payouts they receive from insurance companies are the bare minimum of what they could receive. Revenue Recovery Firm reviews all PIP claims from the past five years to find any payout discrepancies. There are also new case statutes that entitle you to additional benefits. As a result, we increase the profitability of doctors who come to us for the pre-litigation processes.

Our team serves as a third party that negotiates the maximum payout from insurance companies to medical professionals. We are objective throughout the entire pre-litigation process to ensure you receive the revenue you are entitled to.

We Streamline the Pre-Litigation Process for You

Revenue Recovery Firm can increase your revenue exponentially. We look for inconsistencies in the payouts from auto insurance carriers. If you have any concerns about revenue recovery, contact us for information on our efficient and informative pre-litigation processes.